$169.00 $149.00

  • Including RnB Essentials Expansion Pack
  • 500 Unique Factory-Instruments
  • 580 Unique Presets
  • Massive 16 GB Library
  • 64 Bit VST
  • 32 Bit VST
  • Digital download after purchase incl. 3 Machine based Serial Keys
  • Customer Rating:
    HEAT UP 2 - (WINDOWS & MAC) ★★★★★ 4.8
    5 1

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Take your beats to another level !


Bring the heat to your beats with Heat Up 2, the worlds most powerful Urban Virtual Instrument ! Heat Up 2 comes with 500 Factory Instruments, 580 Factory Presets and is over 16 GB in size ! Designed from the ground up Heat Up 2 comes as 32Bit & 64Bit Windows VST Plugin, MAC Audio Unit and MAC VST.


Heat Up 2 is designed for ease of use. Dive right into your next hit whenever you feel inspired. But don’t let that fool you, the powerful effects built into HEAT UP 2 will help you sculpt the sound you are after. Custom made sounds have been painstakingly recorded using the best gear available into pristine 24bit audio, mapped out across the keys to place any preset at your fingertips.

Envelope Controlled Filter Section with High pass & low pass filter, ADSR envelope, resonance & mix controls.
Ultra Quality Reverb with Room size, damping, width & mix controls. Now with 3 algorithms to choose from, Plate, Room and Original.
Delay with Speed, feedback, mix, sync to host tempo and ping pong mode.
Flanger Chorus with Rate, depth, pre-delay & mix control.
Master Section with Gain, pan, ADSR & LED level meter.
Easy to access instrument browser, Accessible from any page of the main screen. The Instruments are sorted by expansion packs and categories. Instrument Categories and Presets can be created by the User. Right click a preset to set it as a favorite.
Built in Effects: Overdrive, distortion, ring modulation, stereo enhancer, phaser, tremolo, a tempo synced wobble filter, tempo synced pan effect and our Vice one compressor. Our unique Ignite “Stereo shaker” makes your sound jump from the left speaker to the right speaker every time you trigger a key. Try it combined with the sequencer. Atmosphere Layers: Layer your Instrument with FX-Layers like Vinyl, Chimes, Tape-Sound, Wind, Rain & more to give your Instrument a unique Character. Let your Pads or Strings sound more Atmospheric or give your Instruments a Vintage touch with this unique feature.
Keyboard with Pitch, mod wheel, mono, polyphony & portamento modes.



The Factory Library comes with 500 production ready Presets such as Bass, 808´s, Bells, Brass, Choirs, DrumKits, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Hits, Stringed Instruments, Strings, Synths, Guitars, and much more. You can expand your library any time with our amazing expansion packs.

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“I love your plugins! I used HeatUp2 in my new Single with DMX”

Swissivory, DJ/Producer

Increase your Library with new Expansion Packs !

The benefit of owning Heat Up 2, you will always be able to update your library by downloading our new expansion libraries created by our professional producers and sound designers. With 15+ years experience, We aim to create the sounds of the industry, & stay 2 steps ahead of your competition. Sound selection is everything, and our never ending expansion banks will provide up to date sounds, or bring you back into time with sought after sounds from the past.


5 5 1
Heat Up 2 is INSANE!!! Definitely my go to plugin. I do a lot of label/tv/film production and it always helps me get the job done. These sounds are industry. Aside from that, the customer service is second to none and are there to help ASAP! You will not be disappointed with Heat Up 2. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Sold 2 Beats in 24 Hours !

5 5 1
Bought Heat Up 2 and the first 2 beats I made with the vst sold in under 12 hours of finishing! Deff getting the expansions! – BangEmBeatzMusiK® http://bangembeatzmusik.beatstars.com/


5 5 1
this vst is dope and i recommend it to any one who wants grade a sounds thru a grade a work station the sounds are clear and crispy i rocks with it 100 percent

Heat Up 2 is a WEAPON!

5 5 1
Greetings from the UK. I recently purchased Heat Up 2, also Heat Up Blackout Edition vst and the Trap Empire expansion, i just have to say one word, EXCELLENT! this is the best vst instrument software purchase that i have ever made in my life! and i have bought a lot of vst’s over the years,i wish these products were available back in 2000 when i started making music inside the box, the sounds are in my face and track ready without spending time turning knobs to get the sound right. Going through the sounds i am instantly inspired to make music and find myself playing musical parts on a higher level than my usual efforts, the tracks i have made have more punch and more sonic clarity than my other work with other vst instruments, the developer of Heat Up 2 has created a WEAPON! for so much firepower Heat Up 2 takes very little resource on my old quad core pc and is rock solid stable with no crashing or freezing in my vst host DAW software which is Synapse Audio Orion (Which is usually very temperamental about which vst instrument is loaded) running on Windows 7 64bit. If you are making beats or any bass style of music and have a limited amount of money, i cannot see anyone going wrong buying Heat Up 2 which is now at the heart of my studio, £285 for 3 quality products is money well spent if you are in the music business. One more thing to mention is that my email communications experience with the developer was a pleasant one, he was very helpful during my enquiries.


5 5 1

One of my main Weapons !

5 5 1
The Heat Up Workstation, is a very dope plugin! Most workstations come with cheesy sounds and it doesn’t sound authentic. I have made numerous beats using this vst, it comes with quality sounds and the possibilities are endless. I really love you can create a whole beat using just this vst! It is definitely a go to type of plugin. I will always use this vst as one of my main weapons for creating Melodic Madness!!! -OB BEATZZ http://www.obbeatzz.com

I had to grab it !

5 5 1
As soon as I heard Heat Up workstation I knew I had to grab it, this workstation is above most VSTs out there, I always use this product in every beat even if its just a simple bell or pluck, you will always hear Heat Up Workstation in my beats, as for the expansions I really like how IgniteVST listens to there customers on ideas for expansions, they never fail to deliver. -Jamie Hurton ( J Beatz )

HeatUp2 is what you need !

5 5 1
HeatUp2 is the new music producers secret weapon. I’m using it for my new T.V./Film tracks because it’s packed with super clean synths and authentic natural sounds that stand out. If you wanna make HOT fire beats, HeatUp2 is what you need in your VST Arsenal. -Traumah Braumah

Just insane !

5 5 1
I am using Heat Up since it was released and its grown to one of my favorite VST-Plugins to produce my beats. I made uncountable beats since I sell beats online (about 7 years) and allready used a lot of different VST´s for my productions. Heat Up is definitely one of the most unique and innovative plugins to produce hip hop beats in my opinion. Its pure quality instead of quantity. All sounds are unique and ready to use. You have really good options to change every single sound to a completely new one. The Heat Up Expansion Kits are worth. You get the full power for your Workingstation and a lot of fresh new content. – InsaneBeatz http://www.Insane-Beatz.com

FANTASTIC product!

5 5 1
Really a FANTASTIC product! I’ve also downloaded Kush Lab and is a DOPE COMBO!! All the staff is very kind and reliable! really nice job ignite VST! and Thanks a lot for your help!!! TOTAL RESPECT! Peace!!!

This VST is for Urban Music!

5 5 1
I see that all other reviews have given a 5 star. I agree. As IgniteVST has said, this VST is for Urban Music, and if you are looking for a VST which gives you a solid foundation of sounds/presets to use look no more. This is it, but I also recommend the expansion packs. Especially the Kush and Trap. The 808 expansion packs also have some solid bass, and with the new FX within the HeatUp2 it is easy to make great 808s. I like to use the overdrive together with some distortion. When I started out producing music I ended up buying heaps of VSTs. Few had the sounds I was looking for. I started learning how to tweak presets to make them sound more “urban”. I hated the regular EDM sounds, the techno stuff. Im into hiphop so those type of sounds was not for me. But, it takes time to always have to tweak presets or make sounds from gound up, and that is why I really recommend HeatUp2 for you producers who want sounds/presets which can be used instantly in your production for urban music. Take the adventage of the built in FX and you have a good starting point in making a kick azz beat. And no, even though I might sound like I work for IgniteVST, Im just a regular customer. I am just very pleased with the service at this site and their products. They answer within the same day and there is no bullshit. They even gave their customers who had bought HeatUp1 free upgrade. Now who does that today? Well done guys!

good price for the quality

4 5 1
Heat-Up 2 is a workstation, rompler Vst. I love hip-hop but this is my job so I can’t spend hours tweaking patches…I need stuff that sounds good out the box. If you’re like me, check this out. I loved the demo and copped the full version the same week. The gui is very simple/intuitive. Similar to Nexus 2, you can adjust the reverb, delay for every patch but I found that most of them are tweaked to perfection right out the box and you know time is money!. They call this workstation for a reason: You can make a beat from start to finish just using this VST. The arpeggiator and gater can help you make harmonies and melodies quickly(it takes practice). Sound-wise, the stock patches are hit or miss to be honest. They are lightyears ahead of Dimension Pro and much fuller than those of Purity. It’s only $150, which is a good price for the quality and level of depth. I’ve already made that money back 20-fold based off of beat sales. Besides some weak patches, I notice there’s a lag when switching from patch to patch of about 6-7 seconds. You’ve got bread & butter sounds with alot of other nice features(like the parametric eq) that wll make this a favorite of producers for years to come. You can use in any subgenre(east coast, west coast, trap) you make. 3.5/5.0

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